Concrete is one of the most preferred materials in architecture, interior architecture and design. Despite of being the substance for engineering structures, building components and cladding, its more frequently appearing in interior furniture, elements of interior architecture and as the ingredients of objects. Nowadays, the evolution of concrete is taking place: from being the main material of architectural-engineering to becoming the substance of contemporary design.

In urban public spaces, the extensive, required applicability justifies the usage of this particularly durable, resistant material. The contemporary concrete technology also gives way for the creation of ornamental patterns and fine surfaces, so that the utilization of concretec can become exceptionally humane. What’s even more important, apart from their physical advantages, is that concrete furniture as objects are suitable for dividing a space in a subtle, yet firm manner.

All of our employed materials are tested to be adequate for long term, external utilization. This concrete is a special, self developed, high strength fine concrete (HPC). The metal elements are stainless or galvanized and sintered, while the wooden surfaces are made from varnished hardwood or redwood.

Our furniture is designed for long distance. The enduring and resistant structure of concrete guarantees that even after years of its installation, it’s still going to be a useful and distinctive part of the site. The concrete surfaces are treated with a water and dirt repellent impregnation, so that the product is easily maintainable and cleaned.

Our products are ought to be placed onto a permanent, solid cladding surface. Each of our furniture can be transported on a pallet and upon request, we carry out the delviery and installation with our own team.