Extra large planter

size Ø2400/2400/2140 x 900/1800/440 mm
weight 2000 kg, 3800 kg, 1400 kg
volume 2300 l, 4600 l
material High Performance Concrete
color white
finish natural concrete with surface protection
landscape architect Judit Doma-Tarcsányi
photo Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

GÖMB system consists of a 4.6 m3 and a 2.3 m3 modular planter, and a matching concrete bench. Its simple design allows a wide range of uses, and its huge size gives great leeway for planting trees and other large plants, or provides a large seating or resting area.

GÖMB delicately fits into most environments. The 2,300-liter hemispherical planter and the 4,600-liter spherical planter, assembled from two elements, are in clear harmony with the also hemispherical wooden bench, which provides enough space for larger companies and is suitable for a wide range of uses due to its size.

The hemispherical elements of the system can be lifted empty. The furniture can be placed on the pavement. There are drainage openings at the bottom of the planters.