The bodycon seating furniture

size 792 x 652 x 860 / 450 mm
792 x 1005 / 1235 x 450 / 860 mm
792 x 1235 / 1005 x 450 mm
weight 385 / 275 kg
375 / 435 / 600 kg
445 / 385 / 395 kg
material High Performance Concrete
color white
finish natural concrete with surface protection
design Márk Nagy-Mihály
design and concept Paragram Stúdió
photo Réka Bohus

The various shapes of the LUNGO seating furniture set were inspired by the iconic plastic furnitures that were in use in the Budapest M3 metro stations for decades. The details and sizes of the composing elements allow for it to fit in any environment harmoniously, and it can be perfectly installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The blocks composing the furniture set – 8 with a back and 8 without a back – can be adapted to the characteristics of the space. The combination of the elements enable the formation of both long and short setups, islands, arrangements put by a wall or set up independently. The well-thought-out geometry of the seating surface allows comfortable seating.

Due to the small size of the elements, it might be assembled to form big compositions in places where the installation of bulky furniture would otherwise be impossible.