Inspires creation

size 214 x 68 x 45 cm
weight 420 kg
material High Performance Concrete
color white, grey
finish natural concrete with surface protection
optional seat cover varnished hardwood with stainless steel fittings
design Paunoch Renáta
photo Zsuzsa Bakonyi
Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

ZIGZA is not an everyday piece of street furniture. Anyone who ever saw it, knows that it is much more: it shapes and articulates space around itself.

Its secret is simple: a basic unit and its reflection can be combined which allows creating numerous compositions. Depending on user needs and the site’s features, linear, central, branching or closed spatial shapes can be created. These shapes are suitable for regulating and organizing space without specifying the direction and the mode of using the benches.

Its picturesque form prevails in all environments. It makes a dynamic impression and from different points of view always shows a different picture. Not only for the designer of the space, but also for its users ZIGZA has provided an exciting and inspiring experience.

Available with seat cover made of weather-resistant hardwood and stainless steel.

The ZIGZA concrete bench system has won the Design Council’s Special Prize on the Hungarian Design Contest in 2013.