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    In urban public spaces the required extensive applicability justifies the usage of this particularly durable, resistant material. The contemporary concrete technology already permits the creation of ornamental patterns and fine surfaces, therefore the utilization of concrete can become exceptionally humane. More importantly, apart from its physical advantages, concrete furniture is suitable for dividing space in a subtle, yet firm manner.

    Integrated into the production process, the in-house developed VPI Concrete Graphics feature allows making all our products unique. VPI Concrete Graphics techniques like concrete engraving, concrete imprint, metallic inlay and concrete colouring allow creating any kind of graphic pattern on the concrete surfaces, making every piece of our furniture a singular object.

    Our furniture is suitable for shaping a wide variety of spaces. We can assist the placement planning by consultations and suggestions. We can provide technical data sheets and 3D models. Our design services are all free of charge.

    All our materials are tested to be adequate for long term external utilization. We use only in-house developed, high performance concrete (HPC) mixtures. The metal elements are stainless or galvanized and powder coated, while the wooden surfaces are made of varnished hardwood or redwood.

    Our furniture is designed for the long term. The enduring and resistant structure of concrete guarantees that even after years of their installation, our products are still going to be useful and distinctive elements of their sites. The concrete surfaces are treated with a water resistant and dirt repellent coating therefore our products are easily maintainable and can be cleaned simply.

    Our products have to be placed onto a permanent, solid cladding. Our furniture can be palletized and if required, we can deliver and install them on site.