A branching experience

material High Performance Concrete
standard colour white
seating HPL
standard colour of seating Zinc Yellow
finish natural cast
design Márk Nagy-Mihály
photo Máté Lakos

PROPELLER modular bench system brings experiences to public spaces. Thanks to its special triple joint, the two kinds of elements can be combined in a variety of configurations, and its curved, flattened shape creates a welcoming atmosphere in all types of spaces.

PROPELLER elements can be arranged into large blocks or small groups. They all can be walked around, so they can easily become the central point of the space. Coves created by the placement of furniture can comfortably accommodate larger groups, but the same arrangements can also be used by smaller groups.

The element sizes make it easy to transport and install large ensembles. Lifting points on the sides of the elements allow for quick and easy installation. Also available with a warm seat made of HPL sheet.