The mobile bicycle rack

size 480 x 900 x 910 mm
weight 85 kg
material High Performance Concrete
color white
finish natural concrete with surface protection
design Péter István Varga
Márk Nagy-Mihály
photo Réka Bohus

The VELÓ system is a flexible solution for the safe parking of all types of bicycles. Its elements can be installed anywhere without breaking up the pavement and can be moved when they’re no longer required. They can show up where and when they’re needed. Their concrete base can be screwed to the pavement, but even without fixing, their unauthorized removal is a particularly difficult task.

With VELÓ, sudden needs can also be handled quickly. Quick to install, easy to assemble, uncomplicated to ship and store, it can be ideal for events or locations temporarily usable by bikes. Three of its elements already form a stable system, but any number of them can be fixed to each other. A variety of metal racks can be installed on the concrete base, so it ensures a variety of shapes and in every different situation, a suitable way to lock bicycles.