VPI CONCRETE designs and creates advanced concrete furniture for public spaces. The company was founded by architects and landscape architects to invent a new integrity in design and technology of concrete products and their function in public spaces.

In our factory we produce furniture that creates harmony between the needs of its users, the applied materials, the technology and the adequacy of the venue.  Our developments target to radically widen the characteristics and possibilities of concrete in product design. Continuous experimenting allows us to create unbelievably smooth surfaces and formerly unimaginable structures. In-house developed concrete mixtures provide endless opportunities to design our products and to create shapes of unlimited variety.

VPI Kft. operates in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Registration number: INTERCERT 191701


We offer personalised solutions with our products

* Planning the placement of the product within the given environment
* Providing design guides and 3D models
* Assisting in the product specification and product descriptions
* If required, making our furniture more unique with concrete graphics
* Palletizing the furniture so it can be easily shipped
* Providing a detailed manual for the installation and maintenance
* If required, delivering the furniture on site
* Distributing concrete cleaning substances to assist with the maintenance of the furniture

We offer co-operation for designers in design and development.

The team of VPI Concrete 

Péter István Varga DLA, architect

technical director
Szabolcs Vajda PhD, landscape architect

office manager
Márta Zubovics

design consultant
Renáta Paunoch, architect

junior designer
Márk Nagy-Mihály

landscape architect, project manager
Rozália Juhász

text & social media management
Kristóf Fenyvesi

Zsuzsa Bakonyi
Anna Fabricius
Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss
Renáta Paunoch
Péter István Varga

artistic material research
Olga Kocsi

Awards, exhibitons

Architizer A+ Award, 2019
European Design Award Silver, 2019
Gold A’Design Award, 2018
IDA Design Award Bronze, 2018
Hungarian Design Award, 2017
A’Design Award, Street Furniture, 2017
Blueprint Awards 2016 – shortlisted
Architizer A+ Awards, Public Furniture Award, 2016
Hungarian Design Award, special prize from the Design Council, 2013
Hungarian Design Award exhibition, Kunsthalle, 2013
Landscape odyssey exhibition, Vigadó concert hall, 2015
Hungarian Design Award exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, 2015
Month of Design Exhibition, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2015