Universal retaining seat wall

size 199 x 65 x 60 cm
105 x 208 x 60 cm
max. 230 x max. 230 x 60 cm
weight 690, 850, 1000 kg
material High Performance Concrete
color white
finish natural concrete with surface protection
design Márk Nagy-Mihály,
Rozália Juhász
photo Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

The eight different composing elements of MILLI enable the construction of entire, large-scale retaining seat wall systems. Its curved and straight composing blocks and the corner and end panels that come in a range of different designs offer a solution to many public space settings. The elements come in two widths (65 cm and 206 cm), and complementary options for the seating surface are available for both sizes. The use of unique curves and end panels help the adaptation of the furniture to specific space requirements.

The vandalism-resistant iGuzzini lighting system is an optional feature of the MILLI set. The assembly and installation are enabled within the furniture system. The access panels have concrete doors, in harmony with the entire system.

Available with wooden seating in three sizes.