Spectacular and lasting planter

size 115 x 115 x 85 cm
capacity 0,85 m3
weight 500 kg
material High Performance Concrete / galvanized and powder-coated steel
color white / steel according to RAL
finish natural concrete with surface protection
design Paunoch Renáta
photo VPI

PLANTA is an excitingly designed planter for trees. It’s a representative, massive, characteristic public space element and matches with the rest of our products.

Its shape and material forms a spectacular contrast with the plant contained within. The concrete part and the galvanized powder-coated steel plate not only make it durable, but with their unique design they also provide a peculiar appearance.

It’s a full-featured planter, suitable for standard size (pre-grown) trees. The product is insulated. A protecting pipe is located at the bottom for the introduction of watering pipes.